Zvadomonia, also called Vvotaminder, Telangelo, Zelmio, Meltramdt, Mona, Draco , Jjeklezoviater ,

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type MUSICIAN


Distribution of 22 Kabballah
1. Terror Humor
1. Incremental
1. Dramatic
2. Charm
2. Determinatory
2. Bland Fusion
2. Perceptrance

2. Freewheeling Delerium
2. Technicognative
2. Conclusive
3. Groovy Adventurous

3. Dispassionate Discrimination
5. Gifts of the Spirit
5. Futurological


Often an expert, concerned with health, electricity. Great actor and maybe comic. Size of features between individuals varies widely, may be mistaken to be skeletal type. Now they are dead, deceased vultures in whom culture has no match. I arrest them with the palm of my hand and these treacherous little lying comics - we did not vote for you. You are no match for us. I hope to see you lying in hell in the little costumes I made for each of you. No you are no good. Based on your having no virtue your future existence is undermined and you have no power even not notpower.

I have not undermined nor even approved your move on my body which doesn't surprove.


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