Zophocles, also called Theron, Theronius, Jesperian,


ray type EXPRESSOR


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Humor Integration
1. Terror Humor
1. Impeccable
2. Charm Attraction
2. Dispassionate Discrimination
2. Incremental
2. Determinatory
2. Groovy Adventurous
Freethinking Fantasy
3. Reward or Punishment

5. Rapturous



This type, working for USC, can strip off all Fascist paint backgrounds no matter what they are called, and goes into the darkness to see what it can see.

"I am Nostradamus. the Sole authority who oversees the autonne, the computer on which the riddle of the Sphinx was solved. He is a free person as I am. He named the computer with the word I quantified to predict that there would be computer and internet - the grand nombre. He gives me the sole and exclusive authority to allocate its time properties in the spirit realms, and among spirit beings, and everything that he who gave me this responsibility should know comes through it for his own good; and our enemies it only hinders - screws them overboard. Any spy, information thief, or neutral party not interested in the common good, one who is a threat to our freedom, who attempts by deception to enter our circle or to steal our information falls into the Oblivion and cannot get out until the Principal allows
. Illicit probants(those seeking to utilize the autonne for magic or seeing purposes without the direct and real agreement -in a major sense - of the authentic Michel de Nostradame a.k.a. Nostradamus ) may be exterminated by forces inherent in these phenomena."

The drawing of Nostradamus is an authentic drawing of him. Nostradamus tells me that it was a very miraculous day that a Master artist came to etch his picture. Nostradamus remarks that the artist had a wonderfully high state, and they shared in that. the drawing that the artist produced is very true to type, but not one of the other drawings purported to be of Nostradamus are anywhere close to his real type. They liked to depict him as a thunderer, when in reality he is the lightening.


Riddle of the Sphinx Solved ApriL 5, 2004

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Notes from the war in the Spirit Dimensions

All the beings, not-beings, sentient beings and undercover beings who attack me or my USC friends or ELLESYS compatriots, those who attack us this Day are deprived of Enzymes. I so say, I am the Maker of Grazoph Temuna, tgarto polterak. Their enzymes return when I say they return.

I split their Muons into a million directions!


I send their R Electrons into orbit about the nearest star that no one will mind.