Ziggy, also called Zondel, Deighton,

Mind Type PLAY

ray type PLAYER


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Self Understanding

1. Incremental
1. Self-Enriching
2. Ardently Ignorant

2. Gifts of the Spirit
2. Impeccable
2. Supplicational
Self Amusing

2. Charm
3. Reward or Punishment
3. Openness
4. Self Certifying
5. Freewheeling Delerium


Of much gravity and austere countenance.

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Whoever keeps rematerializing ZON I take away their power to do so, and if they persist, or if they start again, I blow that person to atoms, unless thats my own Czhudnow family (then I just take the power to rematerialize ZON away.)

ZON cannot use USC HEADING TECHNOLOGY without first paying the fee and getting approval from P. D. Ouspensky or the PSYCHOLOGICAL GUIDANCE COMMITTEE on which our Mr. Ouspensky sits. ZON cannot make use of anyone's HEAD, except the One which was genuinely his own, for banding purposes. This does not confer any rights to take over my father's body or his role. Using the power of the autonne i separate my dad from ZON's and give my dad over to USC Mr. Ziggy Department. Within the limits of what can be done (by the autonne and its helpers), everytime ZON makes use of my HEAD, Zosquintelvio's HEAD, Imhotep's HEAD, or the HEAD of a Principal or Issuer or Exchequer other USC official kind, then ZON's own HEAD replaces it upon the band.