The Stopinders of the Enneagram

THE ONLY DRAWINGS WE CAN USE IN TYPE STUDIES ARE THOSE THAT ARE TRUE TO STOPINDER. From the point of view of types, only those artists who can draw a face true to stopinder are the level of talent we can use.

Look through As we view the photo index pages, with all the types pictures, we will be able to discern if they are in the right order, placed right to left in order of stopinder. It will sing enneagram music, each stopinder has a specific given vibration.

It seems that Mr. Gurdjieff calculated the line lengths based on the Science of Vibrations, of which he is a Master, and came up with the Enneagram. Ouspensky's IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS contains a record of Gurdjieff's exact vibrational fractioning that pertains to this.

Stopinders are evenly measured all along the lines running between the principal 6 outside points, even in a 2-dimensional length sense.

They are evidently divided in 8 octaves, from the lowest part of Digestive to the highest part of Transpersonal.

The entire spectrum of human types is divided laterally in stopinder. It appears that no two types share the same stopinder, minor variations not included in that being said.

It also appears that some Creational types occupy numerically special stopinders.

If, in typesighting, you, the objectively-capable seer, does not know if two individuals are of the same type, then just see where their stopinders are. If the stopinder is the same, they are in most cases the same type.

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