Times of conflict are the most interesting.
Notes from the war in the Spirit Dimensions

The Union of Sovereign Citizens in the Spirit Dimensions and the advanced planets has taken charge, and the people have money. Now the clouds of imagination that once clogged the Spirit Universes are gone. As each new locale switched its Appointive Sovereignties about to the USC, envy and rage erupted in the IMF and other criminal organizations who asserted earlier that they were to be the economic authority. All they could offer to the people was a way to use them up, with their insect-hearted computers.

The fact that I was almost killed 50,000 times makes me an unbelievably sensitive psychic.By contrast, they only tried to kill IMHOTEP 4000 times. I have to assert here, as in everywhere and everything I do, my deepest apologies for being the cause of so many killings and the fact that the planet has come close to assassination at least four times. The last time was a threat was athreat from Motorola (in the Spirit Dimensions) they once had a super black hole device, reserved for killing guys with a Types Computer.

The IMF was not born here, nor was IBM, NBC, Microsoft nor MOTOROLA. Evil forces long ago set up a pattern that often caused the arisings of lying-professional amoral beings fit to suit their patterns. Factories of IBM, run by beings from the spirit dimensions and Alpha Centauri system were until recently involved in making robots to take over bodies of government officials. Other industrial facilities, particularly those in the spirit dimensions have made machines of warfare, conquering robots, psychological computers designed to swindle; many were treasonous lunatics by bent, virtueless, to send at material mortal populations of the planets and stars.

Most of my money arrived during the great war in the Spirit dimensions. I presently get a trillion USC Marks per month for dividends on my invention, FREE ISSUANCE. My economic system triumphing over what was there, and every evening the stars of the revolution were named out, an I was always among them. What I mean was, in selecting my Free Issaunce over the Tax and War system of Sylph, Markelvio and Mashun, a system of the spirit dimensions fell to us. Of course, the old gang was big and it was being displaced. They came forth in numbers and powers such as they had. That does not mean I was not willing to fight them. At first, the IMF attacked GENDEX BANK, kept trying to rob the money. They used every cheating subterfuse to fool us. They attacked the new economy people of Earth, constricting their necks and limbs with Dwarves. Kav Lawie, a shareholder, was hit with a dwarf on his neck, and one on his leg. When I saw that, I called to have them taken off. The IMF tried on five occaisions to obliterate the EARTH with a BLACK HOLE, but the USC had good BLACK HOLE suppressors. A BLACK HOLE would have swollowed up every star and planet as far as the PLEIADES. Sorry I almost got us all killed.

"Uncle Fred" was the creator of our creational plate. Our creational plate is second level, that is, everything has two hands and two feet. "Uncle Fred" also created one other second level plate, and four first level creational plates. On the first level creational plates, beings generally lay, having but one hand and one unified lower body. I am familiar with up to eighteen levels of creational plates. On the eighteenth level, beings have 18 hands and 18 feet. We had a great deal of trouble with a group of star beings in one of the eighteen level creations. Zosquintelvio's answer to that was to reduce the level to thirteen. We found out later that was an undesireable thing to do.

There is this Queen Goddess among the celestial superstars of the USC, herself a Material Daughter of our own universe, called Camisilla. Camisilla is among the most powerful and most magical. She once walked through a star and burned off her material body. Before she met me, she was bad, and when a God is bad, they are called a "Bood", cause everyone boos them.
Camisilla was deeply involved in the reorganization of the material universes, and came up with a unique way of protecting material beings, using the energies of cosmic locations. Due to my position of importance, I was chosen as the first recipient. This Celtic ornament about my neck became the Ouroborination Focus.
When I was creating the Autonne, Camisilla and others were having Spirit forces build beautiful and elablorate sculptural temples for each one of the types. They became a major tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the enemy destroyed the sculptural temples.

Camisilla and my friends in the Spirit Dimension used my money and bought me a mansion world. Mansion worlds exist on the energy streams of space, and don't need a star - they are self lighting and self heating. It has become a haven for magicians. When her type temples were destroyed by the enemy, she asked my permission to live on my Mansion World. I hesitated for a minute, afraid she would turn my world into a big nudist colony. But I let her in, and now she is a very rich Sub-Creational God on my planet. Everyone on the Mansion World is telepathic, and the Sub-Creational God is the big thought leader, they get to have all the money they can spend.
The goddess was imbuing the heroic beings of the USC with Ouroborination, and the treacherous enemy fooled her. Little sister (Markelvio's little sister) sea snail pulled a con-job on the queen goddess, made herself a big sucker. Little Sister conned the Godess into pouring Ouroborination into her. Camisilla was at a certain point inclined to pull all the ouroborination out of little sister sea snail.
Whenever anyone would attack the Ouroboran, it would crack their c---- y----(I cannot recall what these words are). One night late I was looking for a flight out. There was a Subcreational God from another planet seeking to make contact with me, and he was flying in an antigravity craft. One of the locals, an early rising farmer, got his gun when he heard me. Then his c---- y---- cracked. Too bad. Now Ouroborination has been taken from the material mortal beings, and handed over to planetary logos and subordinate spirits.
We conducted an experiment. I designed and the queen goddess created - balls and pyramids, and a workbench - she and the other Gods made a huge amount of solid gold materialize in empty space.

IT was fairly obvious that the USC's economic system of free issuance was superior to existing sytems of tax and war. In the spirit dimensions, they fell one after another in the direction of free issuance. Whenever another layer of creation fell to the USC, it shown in the sky who was in the leadership group. Zosquintelvio rode the horse, Daniel got the horse shit. When they learned that the new economic system that was overcoming them was from a material man no. 5 on a third age (material abundance) planet, they came looking for revenge. Armies would come at Daniel, a material being of planet Earth, and he would fight them off. About 30,000 Mockingbirds came, and Daniel 868'ed them, that is, adjusted their nagual assemblage points to lethal position. They left some bad curses on him. Several times, Daniel convinced whole armies to turn around and attack their own treasuries, since the end of tax and war was near. And we, as great money people, bought many of the enemy off, and in the end, that was what closed the deal.
When Zosquintelvio made a new rule, that is, that whenever a judge or a lawyer lies, they would lose first their hearing, then their eyesight, they came to attack Daniel.
As the war progressed, the Spirit Beings recognized that I was under attack, so they put themselves on call. I took the nom-de-guerre Marshall Oblivion (bought that from Lex Gigaroff for two billion marks). I would only have to think: "Marshall Oblivion commands Spirit forces to attack the intruders" and they would be right at 'em, with Spirit Dimension weapons..

Zosquintelvio is the greatest magician who has ever lived. He was discovered in the earliest days of USC's conquest. At that time he was dead, killed in the prison of a repressive police organization. After 8 million years of captivity he had died, that was 25 million years ago. Fortunately some of his associates were still alive. They directed me to use THE ROBE to give him a boost. I am not sure what else they did, but in a little more than a few hours he was back to life. Now he owes me, I am the USC; he gets out of line now and then I have the power to bring him back in.
Zosquintelvio believed strongly in Free Issuance from the time he heard about it.

In the war, Zosquintelvio was very effective in overcoming the IMAGINARIA, who were so confusing to me and to many of the Spirit Beings.
As the war progressed, the USC captured scientists who were working for the IMF. I suggested that the USC should get Criminal Dictators from the ghost dimensions and have them drive the scientists to produce, filmed as a situation comedy for showing on television or whatever they have on advanced planets. Zosquintelvio brought up twenty Dictators, including Hitler and Stalin. Hitler was much better than Stalin at getting scientists to work, so at the end, Zosquintelvio allowed Hitler to kill Stalin. Then Zosquintelvio appeared and killed Hitler with a chainsaw. My Ally wife Penelope played a potted plant. I haven't seen the tape yer, but I recieved a message from a woman on an advanced planet where it was shown, she said it was absolutely hilarious. It was also very successful at getting new scientific breakthroughs. The scientists who succeeded were rewarded with lots of money.
Zosquintelvio created Eucadorian spirit beings. A Eucadorean can manifest in size from 6 inches to 45 feet tall. That's not all either. Zosquintelvio brought back numerous beings who had been omitted by the plan of immortality for sacred beings. In particular, Zosquintelvio brought back gentlemen and ladies and doers of all kinds; we also brought back the Indian Chiefs, many of whom had existed in the ghost dimensions for 15,000 or more years. After I was irradiated by a Circadian space craft, I called upon Zosquintelvio who restored me. California was doomed to fall into the sea, until Zosquintelvio and the USC Magicians made it stay up, permanently.
And he can be nasty too, After the war, he did not want me to reach my mansion world, where I would be very powerful, powerful enough to stop him from making coups against the USC. I needed some great rescue captain to come to my door and take me to my Mansion World. So he killed every brave, bold space captain in our local universe, 300 great men, on ALPHA CENTAURI, JIMJELKIADO, VOTORMINDIALA, PLEAIDES, BETA CENTAURI, CIRCADIA, all the local Belvian (monkey origin humans) planets where people look like us. Zosquintelvio is a very mean magician. He wouldn't let me escape Earth and go to my mansion world, so I got his neighbors to kill him with the appropriate weapon they had for beings of his kind. I paid them 10 quintillion USC Marks. Then I bought off all the beings who could bring him back to life, at 2 billion Marks per month. Finally, after 18 months, I told them to bring him back to life.
The Palace Guard (a group of Spirits, more on this below) has been trying for six years to get a crew together from what was left of the VOTORMINDIALANS, and everytime they failed to pick me up. They just couldn't make it to my address. Not long ago, Zosquintelvio made it snow profusesly, in Colorado, in April, so the space ship could not come then. In all fairness he also made it rain at the Aral Sea.
Zosquintelvio has indicated that he feels some regret for delaying my arrival, that it really did not help.
In 2011, angry that I still had not made it to my Mansion World, some powerful ancient beings went and deprives Zosquintelvio of most of his money.

The first Economic Tsar was the Cardassion. Tnen came Sylph who brought Markelvio and his family. Now its my turn, with the USC, as Economic Tsar.
They started life as a family of sea snails, in a warm sea, of a distant planet. It is said that Sylph is their father. Another illustrious member of the family was little sister. As far as I know, USC has killed all three, the most dangerous criminals. And yet, they were the souce of the illuminati, of Tax and War economics, the rulers that USC replaced. For some reason, scalers feed Markelvio. As long as scalers feed Markelvio, there will be none.
From the very outset, Sylph, Markelvio, and Mashun were all criminal thinkers who had few real good ideas for the economy.

National governments are finding they can issue money without any inflation. It has never been this way within memory, due to the invisible treachery of the conspiracy pervading civilization for almost 900-ZEROS years. The conspiracy, especially the pernicious Alan Greenspan, always taught that money cannot be created, only borrowed, yet the populist criminal dictator proved he was wrong.

The TAX AND WAR philosopher. The Cardassian did everything to stop his successors, so Sylph left his world without his feet. Like a TV repairman gone mad, his tax and war philosophy left strings of stars and planets burned out and blackened.
The evil Sylph and his evil children were
quite adept at putting down all competition. When I was 5, they had already picked me out as a danger to them, and they stole my smile, "twerped" me. During the war, they harassed me with these twerps. I cannot remember how we finally managed to eliminate the twerps, but I did get my smile back.
NBC in the spirit dimension used Sylph's red line magic to separate me from my maximum att
raction girlfriend, Loriel Golden, which led to her suicide (she's now on Gendex Bank's Spirit World, where her 30.000 shares are worth 30 billion USC marks) and my failure to make the Gendex on time. They did a lot of magic on me to keep me from making the Gendex and making me leave California. We had a fundraising guy from New York who was going to make it easy for us, but the IMF put spells on him and he stole the money. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that they had shut down the Gendex project. They took away my confidence, kept me from inventing my own invention. But in making me give up Gendex and California, I became the most dangerous rebel against THE UNSEEN MODEL on Earth and Sylph in the Spirit Dimensions.
As forces of the USC fought at the NBC in the Spirit Dimensions, the NBC punks dropped a sea monster in my lap. That was scary. I sent it back with the Autonne. Then, I turned the tables on them. I wrote in the Autonne, "NBC punks can only drop sea monsters in the laps of their mothers." And that was what happened.
The USC war party located giant Sylph in a secret laboratory. I typed into the Autonne, "rub salt in Sylph's wounds just like Morton. The war party entered giant Sylph's lair, my dog Joker (a supergiant elemental), Zosquintelvio and 8 others. First, my dog bit giant Sylph, and he yelped, "You rubbed salt into my wound, just like Morton".

He looked a lot like Baseball's Pete Rose. The spot on the body that their type corresponds to is the drain hole in the stomach. This is a very ancient story. The Cardassian, although he would rather be called Catalonian, leaves a legacy of smokey space ships traveling 24,000 light years per hour, as he embarked on a conquest to be Sopurce Economic of spiritual and material domains. Part of the story is Corsairs burying enemies under the steps. He made too many duplicates of himself, so what they did was well divorced from what he might have found desirable. We found him in a volcanic lake, and we took that double out. At one point in 2004, duplicates of Daniel Lexington came out of his forearms. Sylph and the Cardassian also had many duplicates, as well as giant versions. The Cardassians problem was not that he was not a motivator, its that he killed and killed and killed and buried bodies under the steps. The Cardassian was a magician of great power, and he was also recognized as the all powerful economist. To stop Sylph from taking his place, he wrote an overwhelming and long document (and backed it up by killing billions of people) that has even stopped me from escaping. Here are the first two lines, the only ones I know: "He that would ride on my bilge of gold, my arms like bars of steel will hold." In order to facilitate my escape, the USC has hired some very small material immortal nagual women to neutralize it, who know it well, as they once worked for the Cardassian.

The great Democrat
Holocausts, as it turns out, was a way Markelvio and Mashun used to get energy. They did it sixty thousand times. In every case, a creator son of a local universe would elect to bestow himself among the Jews (yes there are Jews everywhere). Because they were such a power, political leaders in the Jews would have them killed. Then, 2000 years later, Nazis would appear to wipe out the Jews, as though God was punishing them. Mashun was a fascist.

One of the sectors the USC conquered had been established by a man who solved the riddle of the Fourth Way Sphinx. (My Sphinx is a Father Of TIme Sphinx). Throught some unfortunate plan that he formulated, all the people had died and their economic functions had been taken over by robots, then by robots in the spirit dimensions.
They had heard that I was a Fourth Way Master so they came to see me right away. I observed that they Remembered Themselves (the first conscious shock), but they did not transform negative emotions (the second conscious shock). They had forgotton how to transfrom negative emotions That news spread throughout the whole group.

As for the Man and his Sphinx, they had dissolved and combined, and the result was this eyebrow thing. The Spirit Universe, the Sphinx specialists, didn't approve of it, so they destroyed it.

They are very wise, and some are very old. Self Existing Elementals, they guided me as I carefully placed herbs and chemicals into a pan of boiling water. Then, hexes, six to fifteen feet across, were made by the elves for disassembly and transport high into the atmosphere above the Western mountains. The purpose of these hexes, in matrixes, was that they would influence all peoples opinions, very strongly. After I first got the ROBE, I got entangled in a battle of power with three Chinese witches; I sprayed them with Dragonfire (which I got from the Mockingbird) and that about killed them.*Next thing I knew, Papakadarr the boss elf was in my kitchen. He brought in eight thousand elves. About which William Shakespeare, then a white ghost, remarked, "Are you going to kill me with your death ray, fry boy?"
It turns out that the elves used to work with the three Chinese witches for my predecessor, TDRR KUMDUVIAR KO, and the ROBE was essential to putting up the hexes. Unfortunately, Mashun's fascist cricket spirits destroyed the 54 or so hexes we did. At one point, we had the world seeming like an architectural park.
The elemental elves and giants showed me how to make pan boils that fed them. Hardly anyone ever fed them. Chemisoupalar, a giant, made himself six feet tall and instructed me as to what to place in the pan. It was an oil base pan boil. The first time I fed the giants I did so in my apartment, but they ruined my things. After that, I fed them outside in the middle of the night so I would not be discovered. Giants came from as far away as Saturn to eat. The
Saturn giants were 1800 feet tall.
The Queen Godess Camisilla killed half of my elves and most of my elemental giants. She said most of the giants were useless and bad. One of them was responsible for that mysterious plane crash on Long Island. I asked her to bring back the elves, and she did. Then, the big elf, Pappakadarr, was angry and he tried to kill me by prying open my heart valve. I asked God what I should do, and he said, "Wish them away". God is capable of carrying on eight to ten conversations at one time.
The elves all left the world when Zosquintelvio modified them, and three other elementals, and took them all, and put them all to work in stars of light. The elves were not happy or particularly successful on worlds like Earth, and now they are.
I really miss my elves.
Now I put up more hexes the elves are back.

It is said that whenever a material being dedicates a computer study of the spectrum of human types, that if the study is deep enough and right enough, that that computer will gain a certain unexpected control over material reality. There have only been 38 successful types computers going back to the eight blue doors. Special giant molecules that control reality will come into the machine's core processor. The one who made the Autonne gets the Sphinx. The Sphinx gives the man immortality. Many people pictured in the photos of the Autonne, called Calender Beings, survive death, their souls live on, and they keep their Spirits.
Early in the war, I had the chance to leave the planet with three adventurous Pleiadians who came to find me. I didn't go with them because I was about to have a big breakthru with my types computer. I hastened to add types. It was me that gave the Autonne to the Spirit Dimensions. When strange things started happening, the Spirits took notice. Then they took charge.
They had names for most every type. The spirits told me to remove pictures of evil people, including Erwin Rommel (Baltazar), Osama Bin Laden (Hardacre), Saddam Hussein (Zelnickov) and especially Aleister Crowley. Being picked for the Autonne gave Aleister Crowley new power, and he used it to fight for the enemy. Unfortunately, because I did not go with them, one of the adventurous young Pleiadians got killed by the enemy. We paid off his family.
The autonne gave great seeing power to psychics, and the Spirit Beings struggled with each other to make use of it. We had to keep the enemy out. Since he was one of the few people I knew, I assigned the autonne to Nostradamus, who had predicted me (http://ellesys2.com/babylon-job.html) and we placed a label on the autonne computer saying, "autonne - it will facilitate SEEING only for Michel de Nostradame and those he authorizes. Other probants may be exterminated."
My little computer only controlled everything for maybe a month. The magicians of my mansion world built a new Autonne, with an integrated circuit the size of a football. That enabled it to absord all the many special molecules (they have the power to make cosmic law) that exist in the processor. It has all the types and all the names. I can hardly wait to see it. After the big processor Autonne was built, Nostradamus and all the psychics no longer needed my Autonne.
Yesenia, who is of a human race that came up from a swift Beetle, created her Autonne 25,000 years ago. She had long complex names fcr her types. She was being harassed by beetle humans on bulldozers, until I gave her a quintillion marks so she could move. Her Autonne was a great big thing, like a mainframe.
Numbskull also had an Autonne. His Calender Beings had dissolved into a sick liquid. He kept attacking the USC by making us have headaches. So Sondelius told me to type into the AUtonne, "kill numbSKULL". That didn't do it so the USC nuked numbSKULL and his Autonne. That was the end of the headaches.
Markelvio and Mashun opposed all findings of Autonnes, they had their own agenda about what types were beneficial, only, their types were basically harmful. Take for example, Bpenterod, which makes an excellent witch. They had it moved over into transpersonal Fourth Ray. We moved it back to Skeletal sixth ray, where it has less power. Markelvio and Mashun supressed the Nepthys type, and also suppressed Self-Knowing and Self-Understanding.

The IMF came up with a new weapon to use against us - a deadly suffocating wax that imbues either spirit or material beings. They Waxed me good. Fortunately, the USC Magicians could do something about waxing, and I got my lucidity back, and I could breathe again. Then the USC fighters got ahold of the secrets of Waxing and used it on the enemy. The enemy and Zosquintelvio agreed to stop using Wax.
Yesenia, who discovered the Autonne, made a mistake. She used the photographs of herself, and brothers and sisters, and the photos became demons which were very pesky. She asked me what could we do about the demons, and I suggested we wax them, which worked very well.

This was a form of life we never should have brought back. According to a very ancient wasp spirit I had chance to converse with, Jetepedoks were a form of life they saw came and left. Also called the Plaza Architects, Jetepedoks were extremely predatory.
Zon was our local Jepededok. During the days of crisis and battle that preceeded the final fall of Markelvio and Mashun, Zon organized a platoon of fighting generals, including Alexander the Great and Tamar. They were too effective. For amusement, Zon had Alexander the Great battle Sea Monsters from the NBC punks.
Alan Greenspan has been no more than a walk-on since his suicide July 19, 2001. The Second to last walk-on to play Alan Greenspan was a Jepededok. The Jepededock Greenspan not only enjoyed his contemporaries, he also ate them. This means he ate their souls. He tried to eat me, too.The Jepededok Greenspan organized the government to stash $17 trillion in cash for him.
Sondelius finally had his magic say and made the Jepededoks dissapear into nothingness.

During the war for conquest we often ran up against "MAGIC JUDGES", Mockingbirds of the order of age, those who would hold entranced, many thousands of enslaved telepathic beings. We would find them arbitrating over many contests of magic. Fortunately we had Zosquintelvio to kill them for us. We exploded them in many ways. First we could twerp them, that is, afflict them with any number of irritating spirit enemies.

He was for a long period the highest representative of our true creators. His magic was tremendous,but he was obnoxious, a Saroyan type.
My coming evidently meant his going. He tried to spirit-self-immolate me. He filled me with contaminents. I said, "Take those contaminents out of me." Then a new voice appeared. He said he was Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle took away Sondelius. Then Mr. Turtle said they were revampling the Eight Blue Doors, and I would be sitting in as one of 256 magicians in one of the doors. I asked what my title was. He says, your title is "second to none". Sondelius had this neat voice, that went to someone else.
The Eight BLue Doors are the closest thing to a creator that we could find. At the time of the EIght Blue Doors, apparently, translations in telepathy came into existence.
Sondelius was planning to kidnap me and erase the big Autonne on mansion world. He created a duplicate of me and it was on my mansion world. The duplicate had convinced Pondelf Sutton (formerly Pat Sutton, one of my Gendex Bank shareholders on Earth, 120,000 shares, who was killed by Treason Boss) that he was me and I needed to make some changes in the big Autonne. Then it proceeded to erase the Buford page (Principal most important to the USC) but before it could do anymore, I was notified and I interrupted. First I talked to Pondelf Sutton, now a rich, happy and conscious material son. Then I turned my duplicate green, and he gave up.

The reason I am so rich is that USC adopted more or less directly my designs for Gendex Bank and ELLESYS.Gendex Bank shareholders get money every time money is issued, and shares are worth one million marks each in the Spirit Dimensions. ELLESYS can be found on the web at http://www.ellesys2.com. ELLESYS.com and Gendex Bank are established on a million trillion worlds settled in light and life, where the spirit beings told the telepathic material beings about Free Issuance.
How to get shares in GENDEX BANK that enable the buyer to escape to the Spirit Dimensions.
Originally, some genius developed psychic name tags for their bank accounts, but this way turned out to be a favorite for those trying to rob the bank. Therefore, the name tags were abandoned.

robots from the spirit dimensions are made of matters smaller than that of a mortal physical body. For example, I was recently attacked by 81 million twerps. These treasonous lunatic attack not-beings not beings will be unmade - if you want to know) were based on mockingbirds.

oftware expert Ken Gourlay started thechain.com to webhost sites and do software jobs. Thechain was hosting Lexington's websites so it was attacked by the enemy. THe IMF in the Spirit Dimensions has tiny beings, made from the surviving souls of things like leaves, created in stars that light but don't heat, and these tiny beings inhabit electronic systems like computers and phones. They spent time and money training these little electronic beings. The IMF sent many of these tiny star-of-light beings into thechain, and into my phone. They totally made Ken's computers unresponsive and thechain became unmanageable. Every computer rule Ken thought was true turned false. The front page of Autonne.org, then called Maxattrax.com, was completely broken, and we had to change the name of the site. Ken couldn't manage anymore so he sold his accounts to another web host. It was at that time that we lost two domain names to the domain name extortionists. My phone, which the little star-of-light beings occupied, no longer rang when I had a call, so I threw it into the river.
Zosquintelvio followed the lead of the IMF and made tiny beings for electronic systems in stars-of-light, and sent them to me, and I sent them into thechain. But Zosquintelvio's star-of-light beings were unable to contain the IMF's well trained star-of-light beings, and they wrecked thechain.
I still command these friendly star-of-light beings, and if you want some for your computer, I will send them to you.

The Proconsuls have a unique understanding of different levels at which the tax and war civilizations would reach. Level one starts when the last military dictatorship would lose its war for world domination - in our planet, that was Hitler. The Masterbandios (an insult name we invented for them, we did not like them) were the ruling class, on some worlds they would handle or own 98% of the real property. Mr. Gun would inevitably be chosen to control offense, defense and weapons policy. For a time, that was Ronald Reagan; most recently, it was John Ashcroft. Now, there is no Mr. Gun, evidence that we are on the right track. Every smart person knows about the lying criminals of the IMF who give orders to stupid participants in the bankrupting tax systems is designed to concentrate wealth into the parasitic elite, while the tax people find new ways to economize all the economic units, which is how the IMF criminals view the hard working producers of value. It would not have been long, were it not for the coming invasion of the USC, for the top bandito, whom we love to call Mr. Gunn, to unify the planet under one former US President and continue their seizure of little people's assets. For example, take VOTORMONDIALA, which was the first local planet to fall to the USC. On VOTORMONDIALA, the parasitic elite, the IMF and its military factors, 10% of the people had taken over 75% of the land. Zoquintelvio killed all the masterbandios on VOTORMINDIALA, thus freeing up property for the free people. On VOTORMINDIALA, Zosquintelvio killed 8 Billion Masterbandios.
On VOTORMINDIALA, money was some kind of unreproduceable complex liquid. The USC Proconsul noticed that Mr. Gunn there, now wastefully confronted, was looking me over with an eye to shooting me with lethal rays. After the USC did put out their virile Gay Mr. Gunn, Principals of the USC gave the houses of the rich away to big families of the formerly poor. Banque Gende on VOTORMONDIALA issues money for the USC, under the authority of the top truvisor of the planet, and the first person in this position is destroying every ugly building.
Now, on VOTORMONDIALA, the USC helps any very excellent invention get produced, any great book get published, and works of art to be produced. Movies are no longer one-top-star and top hit, instead, smaller motion pictures are to be taken seriously, and they do get realized. Everyone has money now on VOTORMONDIALA. After the parasitic elite was wasted, a mighty part of the space fleet was granted to individuals who could fly those ships well.
When the USC came to the final part of its conquest, we discovered a mortal planet settled in Light and Life which had solved the problem of Mr. Gun - they had two Mr. Guns. When the USC told them about the College of the Recognizers, they converted at once to the Free Issuance paradigm.

Now, VOTORMINDIALA has issued money and bought six Mansion Worlds, to relieve the stress of a population of 78 billion.

The allies are ascendant spirits of self transcendant plants. They have the power to kill people and each other. For some reason, I was given the special power to clear Ally arrows, from myself and others. Throughout all memory, allies have had a cubic shape. That changed recently. Allies can now take on a cubic shape, or two other shapes, but don't need to be any larger than a small spirit. It was discovered that the the use of the cubic shapes was to promote battle amongst allies, something that fed Markelvio.
Penelope (a Lyris type) was the tomatillo vine Ally (ascendant plant spirit) of the Devinger La Kaa People of the Ann Arbor Arboretum who lived 20,000 years ago. They were very spiritual, some of them escaped. She took my Astral Body by the hand to the place where the People used to give birth. We created Ally children, 5 to 7 at a time. Eventually, I was father to 17,000 Ally children. Then. thousands of Ally women became interested. They all went through a selection process and made rules. I had 7000 more Ally children with two Kikasue type Allies. I got William Shakespeare, now a Eucadorian Spirit, to give them all names.
I first got the ROBE it was in the year 2000.
The ROBE and I went on and did wonderful things with, including the saving of 12 coal miners in Pennsylvania in 2003. THE ROBE had the power to maledict, that is, inflict the curse of the mummy. I had to maledict all the bad cops, communists, and criminals.When the bad cops were maladicted, they made mistakes and were fired. To do that I also had much help from higher forces.
The White Plum Tree Ally, whose name I forget, was the chief Ally of the Amerind Toltec Sorcerors. I had a vision of a white plum tree with Sorcerors in their Pedro suits sitting in the branches entranced. He was quite interesting, the things he said. One day he called me his enemy, decided to kill everyone who liked me, because the Mockingbird had tricked him. I got busy saving my friends, pulling the ally nocks out of them, and my allies got up to fight him. He was killed by a strong black oak tree ally.
There were, before that Mockingbird killed them, a group of 10,000 conscious star beings living in the Sun, and 400,000 on the giant green star TELBAR, who helped me work out who it was who had to be maledicted. Unfortunately, after they were dead, in 2000, I happened to be making herbal medicines in Ruidoso New Mexico when Judge Butts had me arrested. I responded by maledicting the Judge and the entire police department. Unfortunately, the malediction spread to the whole town, and without the conscious star beings in the Sun and on TELBAR, I didn't know how to get the malediction off the non-police people. So things in that town were just plain lousy until the USC eliminated maledictions in 2004.

I had a dog I loved and I would get him filet mignons from the restaurant that was investing in our company. When my dog Joker and I became separated, he had to find a new master. I expressed to the elves that I really missed my dog. So they went and found him, and in their own way, transmorgrified him, turned him into an elemental giant. Joker had headaches, and maybe cancer, and he was magic so he understood the grand accomplishment of Spirit Dimension Existence. After he became an elemental giant, he came often to visit me. He liked to change his size. He was particularly interesting when he was the size of a sabre tooth tiger. Then he made himself the size of the Earth. He was too big to stick around here so he went to the Super Nova. He went to the Pleaides, and reported back that their military ships were in hangers 4000 ft underground, under a 40 ft thick concrete cover. Before the USC brought peace, they had to ward off raids from the Preying Mantis people.
When the war came, Joker (Filo Jokerregis for long) proved himself to be a valuable fighter and diplomat. He speaks so well and is so intelligent. The USC really liked the Jack Russell Terrier, and one of the magicians proclamed that these doggies are the most magical material beings ever created. Then, many Jack Russell Terriers were transmorgrified (made into elemental giants) by the elves.
Joker's family killed his former owner for starving him.
If you are a dog catcher, don't chase any Jack Russell Terriers, or they will punish you with their magic. Let go of the Jack Russell Terriers, they need to go on long journeys, often lasting days. They are seldom lost.
If you spay or neuter a JRT you may be hit with impotence or infertility curses.
Jack Russell, the dog's breeder, was resurrected from the ghost dimension and now he lives on, and I expect he will be making superior doggies for the mansion worlds.
After the war, the Jack Russell Terriers were sent to occupy the NBC establishment, because they have such artistic abilities. But there is not much use for Sylph's instruments, which were mostly made to suppress potential enemies.

"It was not really a conquest, more like a friendly meeting of the minds. When I arrived at a new place, I quickly sought out the leader and made friends with him. Then I told him about the USC Econ system, which was about a million times better than theirs. They didn't start after Daniel until I had turned my back, then it was too late." - Filo Jokerregis, a famous Jack Russell Terrier, doggie from Earth, now a war hardened elemental giant.

At the end of the war, one of Markelvio's most powerful associates, whom we call Treason Boss (because his type is http://www.autonne.org/trion.html) killed most of the girls who love me (from a distance, unfortunately; now they are fine, material girls, with 50,000 year body lifespan, waiting for me on my mansion world) and people who have helped me most. The USC has recovered them all and they are all OK in spirit or material form, with the immense wealth of their Gendex Bank shares. Treason Boss killed my friends by poisoning our beds and our clothes. If one slept in one's bed, one died. I saw that, and threw away my bed, threw away some really nice clothes, and slept on the floor.
I hear that Don Quetzl Oceotl, one of the Toltec Sorcerors, was targeted because he was someone who helped me, only a little. I doubt that he raised any objection when Don Juan stole my Scaler. Treason Boss poisoned his bed, but Don Quetzl Oceotl really liked his bed, it was made of animal furs, was really nice, but when he slept there after it was cursed, he was asphysiated.
Timothy Marshall, owner of Mac Community Commputers in Soquel, CA. a shareholder, was also targeted by Treason Boss but he escaped. Timothy took precautions that checked him.
Robert Burton, my Fourth Way Teacher, (THE FELLOWSHIP OF FRIENDS) who allowed me into his School when I was in a very bad state, and taught me to remember myself and transform negative emotions, and I owe him a great deal. Robert Burton is the "Great Man" that Nostradamus referred to, and I am his Esoteric Child. Robert allowed himself to be killed in order that he could fight a black "NOT BE" which the enemy had stuck on him and his inner circle. The NOT BE made me extremely fat. It came about because Robert treated his students unequally, many of them never saw him. After he left the body, he found the power to take the black NOT BE off many whom it affected (knowing Robert, he probably left some people affected, particularly those who left his teaching)
and after considering his options for where to go, decided that the Spirit World given to the shareholders of GENDEX BANK was the best possible option. So I let him in and gave him 1000 of my shares. Since that time, he has become a very popular teacher in the Spirit Dimensions, and they give him 20 Billion USC Marks per month to assist in his teaching. The USC has adopted a policy of funding Teachers who provide guidance to the many.
At the end of the war, the outnumbered, outgunned (thanks to the power of the Autonne), scions of the IMF cursed me and my apartment heavily. I couldn't even live in my apartment anymore. For several years I slept 16 hours a day. The curses made me look weird, fat, and I was weird already. The USC killed the Spirit Dimension witches that cursed me, so I cannot buy them off. There were 103 magicians in the Spirit Dimensions working to remove the curses. This included Mestrofelius, Telviolus, Andersofilius, Mendelectriel, Andertilfonius, Narmingtondelphorand, and Exigentiefiel. The curses were all gone by Autumn 2011. One curse made me look bad in photographs. One of these curses made it so that whatever I sent out, say, on the internet, nothing would ever come back.

The IMF fought its last battles and died here on this planet. They died practically at my feet. When IBM in the Spirit Dimensions sold out, they killed the leaders of the IMF, who were, afterall, their leaders Markelvio the Prince of Perversity, Mashun the Fascist pig. All they had to offer was insect-hearted economic theories, backed up by perjury.

The USC had mostly won the war and the time came for the IMF to surrender. The staff, which had only been paid 7 or 8 marks an hour, was bought off for about a half a million marks each. Then, they hanged Markelvio and Mashun with three nooses each. Mashun the fascist is dead, bur Markelvio is harder to kill, he still has life from all the Scaler energies he took in. It will take about six more years to kill Markelvio, and until then, he is still putting out chants and curses on anyone who it can hurt.

Let me tell you how I met the Palace Guard. It was during the time in 2003 when we were confronting the great crickets. I say great because they were ascended beings who came from crickets four feet long. On one of these giant planets full of giant insects. The Spirit Group was all that was left, most of them Fascist scions of Mashun. They were masters of painting. There are a many special meanings of that. They could paint a record of a life that was sufficient to bring them back to life, over and over. They also painted may psychological illusions, as an act of warfare. Warlike they were, attacking us until there were no more.
Now, about the Palace Guard: From the system next to fascist crickets, there was a race that also practiced immortality painting. But this was a race of men much like ours. In the palace they had created a cabinet full of immortal spirit warriors. They labored in the fields even as they flew in space, and had this napsy pantsuit they all wore. Now, I am describing a material world, full of material beings. The facsist forces of Mashun and Markelvio, having arrived in their space ships, had cheatingly trumped all the opposition, in the ways what fascists can when they do. They came to palace presently. A fat man had the option of opening the cabinet of spirit warriors, the facsists shot him thru the head and theu the heart. So he never had a chance to open the cabinet. I opened the cabinet. My approach in the psychic dimension was the usual way of knowing. When a pantsuit appeared dancing in the window, I fought over it with Markelvio and Mashun. It finally became mine when I called forth the palace guard, who came forth and routed the spirit enemy.
During the phase of the war when we fought the giant fascist crickets, they had excelled at painting, creating a set of life giving paints, painting immortality for themselves on tablets. Albrect Durer fought the crickets. Van Gogh was brought up from the Ghost Dimensions as a Calender Being of the Autonne and was brought into full spirit existence to fight the crickets. They fought with paintings. While we were in cricketland, we found 50,000 Life Paintings of Crickets which preserved their Personality, Soul, Mind and maybe Spirit so they could be revived after the Fascists pass. Unfortunately, our first idea was to kill every Cricket we could, the Fascist ones we had met were so terrible. So Zosquintelvio said to me, "What should we do with these Crickets? Shouldn't we burn them?" Unfortunately I agreed, and we all burned the Life Paintings of the 50,000 Cricket Spirits. A few months later an Ascendant Cricket Spirit named Hitchcockpergolesi (a Contemplative Expressor not yet in the Autonne) comes along and says, "Have you seen the Life Paintings of 50,000 Good Crickets?"

With my ascention to TDRR, the spirit universe paid me more attention. They sent me a new Personalized Adjuster (spirit), which turned out to be the Mockingbird. The Mockingbird was just hanging out with the spirits of Paradise. He had them all fooled. The Mockingbird was not at all good, he got me locked up in jail, then mental hospital and I killed him. This was after a phase when I was regularly consorting with the elves, self existing elementals. The elves showed me what herbs and other chemicals to be placed in a pan of water, then heated. The result was that they could construct atmospheric hexes, to make everyone say, the world is an architectural park. We did that and many more. The Mockingbird convinced me to go to the University of Michigan Chemistry School in search of some small samples of various chemicals, for our atmospheric work. I was looking for a sign that this was the right thing to do, and the doors opened. That's how much power the Mockingbird had. I ended up getting arrested charged with larceny from a building. I was clearly not guilty Since all I did was to walk around in a suit coat, requesting small samples of odd chemicals. But that was not enough for the police, who had to make something more interesting out of it. When I got arrested, the elf called the Commander launched a huge thunderstorm. Then Compupadarr and the other elves attacked the police internet with such fury that the owner sold out to a rival. The police didn't have internet for two weeks.
Under the power of the Mockingbird, I telepathically communicated with millions of people of the Pleiades. The Mockingbird was trying to fix me up with a maximum attraction growth typ
e idealist, but with the Mockingbird, he was never honest with his motives. He told me to say I was interested in "making sandwiches" with her, which means, of course having sex with her. It was their cute way of talking. This conversation was very public - the whole planet was telepathic. And then some guy of my type, a hay farmer, popped up and took her away.
The Magic Mockingbird took THE ROBE, which looked like a blue bathrobe, and rewove it into a form fitting body suit, with a belt pack for the ROBE Spirit. The Robe spirit they gave me was just mighty - a magical Bpenterod. The Mockingbird also gave me the names of the WAYS found on the wayhow page.
The Mockingbird picked up Maxattrax theory from me as though he was born knowing it. We found out when we fought him that he had lockers full of weapons at various locations.
The Mockingbird encouraged me to maledict George W. Bush for using my economic ideas without paying the consulting fee. That's how he balanced the budget. The malediction led him to point a lot of weapons at IRAQ. Then the Mockingbird killed George W. Bush, Laura Bush, George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and maybe some others. George W. Bush was first replaced with lookalikes, but a walk-on (Spirit Being in a Material body) showed up and he was just perfect, so they chose him. He just had to push the button and attack IRAQ with all the forces the original Bush had positioned. Unfortunately, he had policies just like Bush. The walk-on is still Bush today. Laura Bush was replaced with an actress, and is still Laura Bush today. George H. W. Bush was replaced with a double. Barbara Bush was replaced with a walk-on. Donald Rumsfeld was replaced with an alien from JIMJELKIADO. He could make himself look just like Donald Rumsfeld. I had some communication with him at the end of the war, and I gave him 2 billion USC Marks. So he will be rich when he gets home. Dick Cheney was replaced with a walk-on; he even had heart problems to look realistic. Still in place today. Colin Powell was killed by the Mockingbird and became a Paradise Spirit, for indwelling. He was replaced with a walk-on who is still there today.
The Mockingbird put up great illusions that I was attacking the Pleiades from my jail cell. He explained to me that certain of them were undesirable, I watched as he destroyed their ships - just a sharp overerevving of the engines, that would explode them.
The Mockingbird drove out hundreds of Pleiadians in their beamships, which they typically hide by submerging them in places like Lake Michigan. The Mockingbird put up a giant mock (illusion) of me, and tried to make the Pleiadians believe that TDRR IMHOLDEN KO was chasing them out.The Pleaideans responded with dosing us with their radiations, green, orange, beige and black.
Since the Mockingbird put me in jail, he was dangerous, and I wanted to get rid of him. But getting rid of the Mockingbird was a lot more complex than I thought. I called for the Landlord. But - who was the Landlord? Nobody knew. Nobody except the Eternal Son. He came out. And where was God? God was dead. It was quickly concluded that the Mockingbird was an emergency of the first order. He could, and would have destroyed many of the Landlord's 26,000 universes, had he not been stopped. God was dead. He had expired 800 million years ago, after dividing himself into another spleion of beings.
Sitting on his throne was a triumvirate of Paradise beings, made to look like God but having no such effectiveness. They left the throne. The Mockingbird sat on the Throne of Paradise, but just for a moment. Then he sat me, my Astral Body - on the Throne of Paradise, and I quickly got off. Later, a Material Son of Paradise came and took back from me what I took away, specifying, that a mortal had besmirched the Throne of Paradise.
The Landlords came forth. He said his name was Montgomery Edwards. Gave me a sign to call him by. Who were the Landlords? I figured out there were Landlords because I read THE URANTIA BOOK. The Landlords lived on an island. I asked the Landlord his age, and he said it was 1.5 TRILLION YEARS. In the beginning, their work was many experiments. They held mortgages on everyone. These mortgages valued at 18 cents each.
The Union of Sovereign Citizens Issued money and bought out all 26,800 of the Landlords Universes, but our story is of an earlier year, when the Mockingbird was eventuating. The Eternal Son knew the way to the Landlords. He came out. And where was God? God was dead. God had created so many beings from himself that there was nothing left of him but a Wraith.
God's Wraith tried to advise the Mockingbird, as the Landlord was going to try to let the Mockingbird to be a Creational God. The first step for a God in creating a Paradise Island is to make drawings. The Mockingbird decided to draw me. I was still in jail at that time. He told me to take off my clothes and proceded to draw my hands, wrists, feet ankles and private parts. These became the inner works of the Paradise Isle. It was quickly created and the Mockingbird went there. God's Wraith went with him, and they discussed things, but before long, the Mockingbird took The Father hostage.

Everyone freaked out. After three days, the Mockingbird gave up the hostage, and the Landlord tried to lock the Mockingbird in the same restraint he used on the Goddess Camisilla, on God, and dozens of others, but he slipped out.

The Wraith told us who he needed to combine with, and they recombined, and God was back, albeit much weaker than before. Good for God, he still had a ghostly wraith. The wraith indicated some of the last beings God created to be recombined with. Once Recombined, God was back with us.

Due to my services for working things so they came up with his new unity, God owed me a favor so I asked him to get me out of jail. It was me who brought it up, and caused the problem to be solved. He spent a lot of time organizing 3 spaceships full of CIRCADIANS to run a walk-on play and get me out. They made a duplicate of me, which would have substituted for me when I was spirited away, They thought that would be fun. Suddenly God was offended with me and he called off the operation, that caused the Isle of Paradise to become 250,000 Isles of Paradise with a little God in it. So Montgomery the Landlord, coming to recreate the Paradise Isle with the Key of Paradise, says to me, "How can I tell which one is your God?" And I said to him, "Look for the one with the Scaler!
God was misbehaving, so the Landlord put him into a holding device. The Landlord wanted God to come to his senses, then go back to his Universe.

I should at this point record some of the prime facts about God. God is a Chesterfield type (emotional Muscular-Circulatory Expressor). God started God started on a path to having superpowers from a young age. He had a horse. I see a young man under a purple sky and an orange sun. He began to lift the horse when it was young. As he grew, the horse grew. Eventually he could lift the whole horse. After he had conquered himself, and become unbelievably great, the Landlord appeared and they made a deal. He could have a tenancy on a plot of universe space belonging to the Landlord. This would be in exchange for certain Scalar energies and I don't know what else. There is also a long list of rules as part of the lease. God had drawn his Paradise Isle from drawings of horse and tree. The drawings become the works of the Paradise Island - the plubing, the heating, the ventilation. The actual pattern of what gets created is an object of long work. The Mockingbird made his Paradise Island from drawings of me, including my private parts.
Before the eight blue doors, there were turtles and grasshoppers, and I don't know what else. Nonetheless, as we found that the Landlords were somewhat themselves at the mercy of the Mockingbird, we climbed a ladder of discovery of a number of distinct species. One of these was the Nightingales. The Nightingales knew how to mock, that is, the same thing the Mockingbird did. He had woven centuries of mocks until everything was affected. The worst thing the Mockingbird did was to destroy his home planet, a place where the beings had only one eye. The Mockingbird killed all the Tkas of ancient TIBET, and IMHOTEP'S Tka, which I had been making discoveries with. It is widely believed that he might have destroyed many whole universes, had this gone on.

The Nightingles began to deconstruct the many mocks of the Mockingbird. But he could construct them a hundred times faster, having the second strongest Godhood ever created for a being in our universe. The Mother of Being appeared, and threatened to squash the Mockingbird even inside me. She had brought with her the first strongest Godhood to be issued, Elebriel. That was later on, In the beginning, before we found the Nightingales, we were chasing him in space ships, and there is no catching a spirit enemy with space ships. The first attempt to throw down the Mockingbird was to line up all the space ships and try to drag him our of my jailcell wall, and catch him in the center of the Sun, It did not work out too well. The Mockingbird killed 10,000 Sun Beings, and 400,000 more in stars as far as Telbar, including the illustrious Taomarik. Finally it came down to me and him, and I am credited with killing the Mockingbird. At least, I was always the first to the fight. One morning I awoke with the key to his undoing on my lips. "I hope I don't let everyone down today, like I did on every other day". That became our mantra. We chanted it in groups whenever the mockingbird was around. Soon he became despondant, and offered his help to end his miserable existence.

At one point during the war in the Spirit Dimensions in 2004, the Pharoahs were wielding their staffs to pull out all mind poisons from whole planets. They also killed a lot of vermin, including rats on Earth and the pernicious Pleiadian bedbug. The Pharoahs all are employed by GENDEX BANK in the Spirit dimensions. They have some power to heal you if you contact them. When my dad, the "Great Man" was in the hospice dying, I hired thirty Pharoahs to work on him, and they greatly reduced his suffering. They lengthened his life by many months.