optimal mind type

first ray ccccccc initiators

second ray ccc players

third ray ccccc academics

fourth ray cccccccccccccccccc musicians


sixth ray ccccccccccc idealists

seventh ray ccccccccccccccccc expressors


The highest and least physical [non-spiritual yet] universally connective aspect of a body is mind phase preset. We are all born mean, nice or neither mean nor nice. Really great people are able to shift to appropriate different phases continuously according to situation. Mind types are distributed into six categories along three continuums,

The third mind phase continuum is creative, asks the question: what is OPTIMAL and what is ULTIMATE? Creative people are great at coming up with solutions, often impractical. Highest "IQ" often has high wrinkly forehead. Can be extremely talented, and an irrelevant oddball not useful to themselves or anyone else.




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