Names are chosen because they are objectively the best names for a given type. The names we choose are to encourage people to become all they can be without making them vain or overbearing. The best name for a type unisex, and it makes the hearer gain power. Really correct names tell everyone about the named one, good things mostly. Names are chosen if they tell everyone what it is, but, only if they don't lead to false imaginination about imaginary powers.

THE NAMED ONE gets great respect for being named lawfully in accordance with type.

WE WANT NEW NAMES NOW. many of our names are simply not good enough. We pay 500 shares per name
Some names we want replaced are: Modise, Ziven, Nahum, Barclay, Pendragon, Macram, Zane, Yoav, Gretchen, Medwin, Ernesto, Sassoon, Elrond, Dudley, Ashley, Jemilla, Lekisha, Abbas, Lentisha, Nevissa, Basilio, Lemuel, Maile, Wimund, Anselm, Gopal, Numi, Kilkenny, Gian, Wade, Weddell, Holly, Hamilton, Holmes, Seth, Carlos, Menzo, Dexter, Sotiros, Joop, Elbereth, Chris, Tobias, Lael, Doron, Lisle, Ozalle, Ross, Ailin, Belda, Ahern, Grinnell, Venus, Kelanie, Ross, Maile, Delthia, Horst, Gamel, Ludvico, Lucius, Seijo, Kylia, Shanley, Vania, Rona-Gwendolyn, Akil, Thordis, Joliet, Hakkam, Xenia, Jachin, Gustavus, Livingston, Dylan, Perth, Helios, Mithrander, Burchard, Calandra, Bjorn, Emil, Olaf, Mindel, Devlin, Halley, Christios, Amory, Ludvica, Kenon, Amaryllis, Teala, Rello, Barron, Eulalia, Beltome, Lyris, Raven, Dalibor, Steadman, Wray, Harlow, Odon, Marla, Desmo, Vivviana, Severino, Calder, Selkirk, Jens, Jaliece, Perrin, Irijah, Bray, Holly, Aian, Humphrey, Borg, Mithrin, Genifer, Dmitri, Fabricius, Taliesin, Garvey, Rando, Moses, Monica, Jareb, osric, Rendie, Devlin, Vesta, Selwyn, Ragstorff, Dumas, Desmo, Gustavus, Joliet, Sigurd, Delby, Dahlia, Curtis, Vasselisa, Lachlan, Genifer, Basil, Kelvar, Artemis, Phildra, Daniel, Bray, Meric, Dunnangall, Jarvis, Frasure, Sija. Nunzio, Perrin, Joiner
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Be sure you get all the great new names from the Spirti Dimension's great namers.



First let me thank the elf God Zbeltverigidies for the name Kikasue. Thanks to his orgborg Jezplbdomtrqdlmnoz for the name Kimko.

I have to thank the Melchizedek Dextrovius who narrated a good bunch of names to me.

Then I have to thank the Telmaricles, Earth's own great all-time name synthesizer, the ancient Greek who came up with names like Wendelhar, Resterpov, Delmvirthior, Techvario, Jelkimzek, and Telmonides.

The most thanks however have to go to a group of 9 magicians, 7 from another Ray of Creation and our own William Shakespeare, who, for his excellence has been uplifted by the greatest magician to highest spheres.. Also in this group are Jkelopterius, Nelfinius, and Delviolus, all from the First Ray of Creation. In the end, they invested most of the names. Shakespeare personally gave us Marduke, Parzelius, Darkspur, Juxtspur and other great ones, and of course Romeo and Falstaff also came from his Earth days.

The UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS in the Spirit Dimensions rewards name synthesizers with 1 billion USC Marks (a Mark is about $1.97) for each first rank names. I came up with Molotov and got a billion marks. Professor J. R. R. Tolkien was awarded 20 billion USC Marks for names including Arwen. When it was brought to his attention by the Objective Value Certifiers, that Falstaff is a first rank name, and it was not on the list, Shakespeare said: "I remember now, how proud I was! when I first came down with that name. I was so proud, I was proud for a month." Way back when, it was his favorite creation. Shakespeare has so far contribueed 602 names. He and the other gifted name synthesizers are making quite a score inventing new names.

The Magicians in the Spirit Dimensions who gave us so many great names said they were impressed with how I could come up with such short names, some of which are very good. They came up with long, impressive and to-the-point names - I wish I had more of their names. The spirits are ancient, and have had lots of time to come up with great names.

A few names, like Benedettia, come from the Pleaides. Lendelarth and Taomarik are shortened versions of names of beings of the star TELBAR, once capital of our Superuniverse of Stars and Galaxies.

Do not name your baby with any of the funny names in the reduced-size text. They are for humor, understanding chief feature, and application at strategic times. You may not understand them today, but to certain contemplative artist types they are endlessly entertaining. Nearly all of the funny names come from the group of 11 or 12. For example,

Some top ranked names I created include Zenos, Lentisha, and Jathan; was the first to apply Hesse to its type; some say I invented Macon, Ivor, and Molotov but I didn't, I just applied them consciously; some I got from one of the following terrestrial books:

NAME YOUR BABY by Lariena Rule, Bantam, ISBN 0-553-27145-8

1,001 African names : first and last names from the African continentby Julia Stewart, Citadel Press, ISBN 0-8065-1737-9

Bible baby names : spiritual choices from Judeo-Christian tradition, by Anita Diamant, Jewish Lights Publishing, ISBN 1-879045-62-1

JUST THE PERFECT NAME, by Yvonne De La Paix, from Avery Publishing Group ISBN 0-89529-723-X.

THE NEW AGE BABY NAME BOOK, by Sue Browder, from Workman Publishing Company, ISBN 0-911104-31-3.

WHAT SHALL WE NAME THE BABY?: Twenty-five hundred boys' and girls' first names with their meanings, derivations, nicknames, etc., by Winthrop Ames, from Fireside / Simon and Schuster, ISBN 0-671-81210-6

NAME THAT BABY, by Jane Bradshaw, from Broadman and Holman, ISBN 0-8054-1271-9

Beyond Jennifer and Jason : an enlightened guide to naming your baby, by Linda Rosencrantz, from St. Mary's Press, ISBN 0-312-01908-4


Presently, noting the power and expressiveness of the names we got from Shakespeare and the other Spirit Beings, we are replacing almost all of the baby-book names with the Spirit-Dimension objective names. If you find any baby book names I missed, by all means get another one.


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