Jelkimzek, also called Wharton, FoolwithoutaMission, Morononaplan, Happytobewithyoustill


ray type SCIENTIST

BODY TYPE CREATIONAL ~ MUSCULAR Elumbuland I'm going to stay out of

Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Futurological

1. Perceptrance
1. Enterprise Treasuration
1. Freethinking Fantasy
2. Determinatory
3. Affirmingly Analytical
3. Gifts of the Spirit
3. Supercessionary

5. Freethinking Fantasy
5. Openness
5. Dispassionate Discrimination



"I'll admit I'v been a Complete Disaster wherever I'v been. Wherever I'v not been I'v been great, not just for me, for everyone."

This type is most attracted to transpersonal or growth type idealists such as
especially kikasue
or hiro
or gtelemeno
or demetria
or qatrovia
or audrey
or charis
or vrartraggio
or musician ray types transpersonal or growth like
or raziel
or linataxia
or honey
or vivviana
or ecorte
or wade
or anything like that.

This is Daniel Lexington's type, and he is looking for a girlfriend and knows what he wants.