MAX ATTRACTS FACTS   by Douglas Klimesh

By any measure what the Master, Daniel Lexington, has done is incredible. Such extremely advanced knowledge very rarely, if ever, shows up so completely on a planet as unevolved as this one. Therefore this page was written as an introduction/FAQ for the Autonne website.

Basically every being, from plants to animals to purely spiritual beings such as angels, has a type. There are a limited number of types, roughly a few thousand. Two people of the same type, no matter their differences in sex, race, etc., will look similar and have many similar characteristics such as mannerisms and occupations. One's type is an inborn trait, and how it is determined remains a mystery. Like other inborn traits, each type has its own talents and weaknesses.

Most people at one time or another come across some stranger who looks just like someone they know. Some people even produce "Separated at Birth" columns which try to illuminate this fact of nature, although usually in a humorous and inaccurate way. In fact, trying to spot people of identical types is an excellent way to begin this study. When out in public keep on the lookout for people who look just like family, friends and coworkers. If you think that someone matches someone you know fairly well, observe them for similar voice, mannerisms, etc.

While this website is a fount of advanced esoteric knowledge, the name derives from its most practical aspect to the general population: how to find someone who is your ideal, or close to ideal, romantic partner. The basic law is simple. Just like magnets, opposites attract and likes repel. A typical example of this might be if you have two close friends, or a friend and a lover, whom you get along swimmingly with both, but who don't get along well with each other. Because your two friends are opposite of you, they are similar to each other and don't get along well.

While ideally this website would be a dating service, the lack of participants currently precludes this. Even using the knowledge from this site to obtain a picture of your ideal match is tricky. For a fee Lexington can determine your ideal romantic type. However a drawing of this type, rather than a photo, is really required to be useful, and so far a willing artist who can draw types has not been found.

The simplest test to determine how attractive two people are is by the touch test. Simply shake another's hand. If it feels really good, that indicates maximum attraction and maximum compatibility. If the handshake feels hot and sweaty or cold and clammy, that indicates low attraction.

The Basics

There are six mind types, seven ray types and nine body types, where each person is one of each type. In addition there is the essential personality type of the Quahlabah (Kabbalah). From the diagram at, each person has 23 characteristics represented by the "connectors" represented by the Tarot trump cards. Each person is one or the other "end" of each connector. For example at the top right of the diagram, with the connector represented by the Fool, every person is either "freewheeling delerium" or "freethinking fantasy", and one's ideal mate is the opposite of themselves. Each person has a few of these 23 characteristics that predominate.

Can you recommend any books to help me understand this site?

There are books that may serve as adequate introductions to the Eneagram, Tarot, or Quahlabah. However, since this website has gone so far beyond what any modern author understands, no specific books can be recommended.

Is there magic is involved with this site?

Yes. By producing this database of types, Daniel Lexington unleased a type of powerful, "primordial" magic. This magic is a proof of the accuracy of the knowledge given by this site.

What are the weird messages scattered throughout the site? It almost seems like this site had a problem with people cursing it or its creator.

Another significant achievement of Lexington's was the creation of a new economic system, which spread throughout all creation. Many various beings who profited from the old, repressive systems were very upset with this economic progress and did almost everything in their power to try to stop it including cursing Daniel, his associates and this site. This new economic system is call Free Issuance and is described at

I believe I have found two people of the same type who are not in the database, and I have photographs of each. Can they be added to the database?

Congratulations if you have actually identified a type. Please email the photos along with any observed characteristics including where you believe this type belongs in the site. However, Daniel really needs to observe at least one of the people in person to make an accurate type judgment and determine a type name. So although the database is incomplete, further additions are currently very rare. He appreciates questions and feedback and if possible will respond to your email.

I found my photograph on this site. Can you take it down?

Of course. Just notify through the given email address. However you are quite lucky to have your photo on this website; you become a Calendar Being and live on forever - a very great blessing.

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