The Lights of Qualabah Electric

Its a hidden fact that tarot comes from qualabbah, and this knowledge comes from Egypt. Astrology, qualabbah, Enneagram, and Tarot, all come from Ancient Egypt.

They have power and abundance, and are great sorcerors.


There are centers of the electric essential personality centers on or outside of the body.


See if you can see this:

Right temple = MAGICIAN

Center Top Front of Head = SAILOR

Left Temple = FOOL

Right Side middle top of Head = EMPEROR

Center Top of the Head = HIGH PRIESTESS

Left Side Middle top of Head = LOVERS

Back Right Head = CHARIOT

Nape of Neck = WORLD

Back Left Head = HEIROPHANT

Right shoulder Clavicle = TOWER

Left shoulder Clavicle = STRENGTH


Upper Left Arm = HERMIT

Upper Right Arm = JUSTICE



Pelvis, Lap = DEVIL

Right Hip - upper thigh = STAR

Left Hip - upper thigh = SUN

Right calf / knee = THE MOON

Left calf / knee = THE LAST JUDGEMENT

Right Foot = DEATH


Those of you who know Tarot may be surprised by SAILOR, which is not yet in any Tarot deck, but could be. It is a non-thought producing center. Name of SAILOR is Kopportenowh, or Kammerzou, opportunity. That comes from Imhotep. He is going to tell us what the other ones are soon.

A new Tarot Deck will emerge from this study.


HEIROPHANT inverted, its "I don't think so".

If JUSTICE is turned off, it affects will to work. There are two types of lunacy, that is, being owned by ideas or by ideals.

Ideal Lunacy originates in HERMIT

This proves that qualabbah centers are educated, and that wrong reference can exist in any qualabbah center.

Lunacy might rather will self-death, than admit its lunatic ideas are wrong.

If MOON is turned off, the result is coverup happiness.

If the DEVIL card, #15, point is inverted, it can make a straight man gay. Half of gay people as such are so because their Devil light is inverted.

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Riddle of the Sphinx Solved ApriL 5, 2004