Riddle of the Sphinx Solved ApriL 5, 2004
OK I was the first to succeed. That was because I was in a Real School for 9 years, because I've got a high enough ray type to understand types, and because we have a computer system to make study of types feasible. What really surprised me was that no being of the second creation or before had ever done it. What it took was getting down to the identification of each and every type.

The first people in whom Quahlabbah knowledge became true, experienced a funny stage when various Quahlabbah types about them began to talk on their own. I was so embarassed by some of the things they said that I often had to excuse myself from telephathic conversation. After this went on for a week, I realized that maximum attraction of type is largely body symmetrical, with patches on one side being attracted to its symmetrical opposite. My new-creation thought adjuster noticed me matching my right upper teeth, Develteloper, with my left upper teeth, Jjeloffenzer. And Zosquintelvio said, "My boy, you have opened the door to a new endless magic."

I didn't set out to solve the riddle of the Sphinx, and in the end I didn't do it by myself but as leader of a large group of interested magicians, but on the day it happened Imhotep pointed out to me that all the Sphinxs of the astral realm had blown up.

I'm the one person who was, while sometimes hansome, so hard for the opposite sex to corral. That is because all I really ever wanted, in terms of love, was type attraction in the highest degree.

No one who is not better good than bad, true than false, nor uglier than beautiful, who had made use of my discovery, my instrument, the CLOCK OF ETERNITY, must give me my due recompensation, that they always and in every way use it destroy the IMF, the SET and the unlovely host of virtueless disserviceable negative-valuing economic systems that my enemies devised long ago. Further, that those who use my discovery, the CLOCK OF ETERNITY, are obligated to fight for personal freedom, liberty, and to work for the good, the true and beautiful. Anyone who fails to do this I retract my permission for its use, and they go sun blind everytime they try to position the assemblage point using my CLOCK OF ETERNITY ideas.

The idea is like this: Picture a clock flat over your head, with 13 divisions on it. Picture thirteen grand divisions, rays emanating from the top of the ellipse that surrounds the body. There is a spiral of eight laps on which a number can be located.

Since the beginning of the USC, we have been blessed with the presence of many new orders of magical helper spirit beings.

There are ways now to adjust the adjustable parts of type. Knowledge of adjustable parts of type became revealed at the time that riddle was broken.

From the heirs of the IMF I take Everything and leave them without nothing but hair and claw and tooth only (that does not give them anything to do with Sphinx knowledge except to know they haven't got any).

As the new orders brought about by the revelation of types unfolded, I found that the Sphinx was very irritable. So I called upon the Creators of the multitude of Creations to find me the Father of the Sphinx.

A creaky old voice, Kelsey, emerged. He was telling us all the answers to our questions. Two of the Sphinxs crossed thru him and his wife, they had been double Qualabbah and the Sphinx's passage had made them one qualabbah each.

Kelsey says neither I nor mine could own a Sphinx. Sphinxes belong to the cooperative and work for USC.

As it was me that solved the first part of the riddle alone, and my team of high powered spirit Gods and Godesses who solved the second, Kelsey was kind enough to share the original riddle with us:

Whosoever shall sit upon this Throne
Shall rest himself with one whose type is known
Phrase My Life!
Phrase My Life!
Phrase My Life!

If you want to find Kelsey, say: "Kelseytellmewhoyouare Son?" Temperate Kelsey, now young then old, carries a doctor bag and

Hero is the theme of our time. Without the Sphinx, USC would ne'eer have conquered all that it is. Zosquintelvio second place, for his creation of powerful and good beings of many useful and user friendly varieties.

Let me tell you a few things about the team which engendered the Sphinxes, Kelsey's computer you might say.

First off, I share all credit with those who helped, in an equitable fashion after assemblage points 16,033 x10.286 (I share equitably with all beings in accordance with their contribution) and 1510x5.23 I scorn and resolve to dissolve all power from those evil vermin who make false claims on others' rights while bringing forward no virtue of their own, whatever. Makert says: "Any false claims on the rights of beings who worked or were just lucky engenderers will get a swift kick in the ass from him, followed by the rest of us good folks doing the same.

Before I found what I found, no individual being nor team had reached the second level of types knowledge, but only a guide authorized by the Father of Time Sphinx, my ownly own Sphinx (and it was he who brought out many of the others). When I was accorded the vastness of knowledge that is the second level, I asked our tool platform what is excellent, and it said: "YOU ARE EXCELLENT!" and for a moment I was Gold.

Knowledge of our 1142 (as of 5-11-04 Earthdate) Sphinxes is shared cooperatively through Banque Gende. Enemies of USC cannot get it. Enemies of USC cannot share Quahlabah knowledge to make false Sphinxes, or anything the like; nor can Sphinx knowings, whatever you call it, ever be used in warfare - it is for peaceful purposes only. The picture below was snapped by Doug Klimesh while the Spirit Dimension magician whose name I forgot because he erased it from all creation with black paradise islands.




Notes from the war in the Spirit Dimensions


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