Dantelion, also called Yakotah, Wizgrew, Zevkimbel, Joker (dog),

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type EXPRESSOR


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Dramatic

1. Self Realizing
1. Openness
2. Self Serving

2. Meanness Holdering
2. Obnoxious Genius
3. Ardently Ignorant
3. Reward or Punishment
3. Incremental
3. Technicognative
5. Fidelity
5. Freethinking Fantasy



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Any bad magic any enemy applied on Filo Jokerregis, or his pals or any official USC War Doggie or other War Animal (their wives, their children) gets thrown back at them (or into something else) and that is retroactive, wherever possible.