Any of the following activities or passivities will be seen and result in the lowering of one's circle of consideration per

Endeavors actively or passively to pervert my nine-circle structure used by the USC Principals. Any being who is a opposed to the USC, fights the USC with murderous and or dangerous criminal intent, strikes out against civilians and non-combat people and is living in fractional or decimal levels as an attempt to subvert the 9 circle structure falls into Oblivion and stays in Oblivion

Any and all punishments made possible through this autonne page are optional, never mandatory. No karma, such as being blown to atoms, could befall anyone except for those listed infractions. If it did or should happen to anyone of my friends, then their atoms recollect using my Honda 1989 auto or any where Osho can notred do notit time703 421 907 59903.

Sets out to malign objective instruments SOURCE ECONOMIC and/or SOURCE ABSOLUTE (IMF and enemies-toward-USC only are punished)

Pretender who interdicts to obstruct the communications of the USC Space Fleets, I blow them to atoms. Any IMF or other enemy-toward-USC who was part of the Vtarmando fiasco tonight [July 11 2004 Earth date] I blow to atoms and send their subatomic particles to places far and wide. Any being, computer, or anything at all which produces and promotes obstructors and confusers for use against me and our USC fleet I blow them to atoms and send their subatomic particles to reveal the tricks of the enemy. Anyone or anything that intentionally subverts my rescue, or creates beings to do so, or creates beings to create beings to do so (ad infinitum), I blow to atoms and send their subatomic particles far and wide

Teaches, promotes, directs and or tricks personalities into, forces them to experience the following assemblage point positions or those which do something along the same lines:

1. 14,008 x2.01 - Justification for expense while plotting overthrow

2. 22,008 x4.53 or 2.56 Manufacture of anti-sovereigns

4. 11,086 x5.7 get people to judge others for the their failures

5. 10,603 x8.5 Just: Find me bogus, I'll find you not

6. 16,033 x12 Promotes Sakio Heading as an industry

7. 8,066 x4.8 Builds Insect-Hearted computers as a means to get people to pay taxes

9. 102,856 x11 or x12 Belittles true free issuance economics with burdensome lies and trivialities

10. 17,033 x2.1 Pretends to have permission to use Marshall Oblivion's voice

11. 18,056 x9.111 Creates overwhelming economic paradigms to enslave or oppress , only people punished are those in position to cause direct damage to an issuance

14. 17,022 x3.4 I'm pretending to speak for the fleet, but I don't (nylphs and other enemies-toward-USC only)

16. 18,056 x11.330 partial truth telling in order to promote lame misunderstandings in others

17. 119,002 x2.5 Scheming to reinjure Casey Brennan's or other Healing Reaction's client's illness

19. 18,064 x7.6 I'm pretending to be the bank, but I'm not

21. 103,283 x9.4 I'm going to put these economists aside

22. 2,402 x11 Hire someone to reinjure Casey Brennan's nose cancer

23. 12,086 x12.9999 Develop a magic word to put in the autonne to hurt Daniel, the USC, or help the enemies thereof

24. 18,036 x9.7 Conceive offer to put you to sleep for your own safety (IMF and related organizations, other enemies-toward-USC - only - will be punished

28. 18,002 x5.11 Get a consent form to do magic against Daniel or other sovereign citizen

35. 17,022 x9.7 How to intercept aliens coming to save Lexington

37. 108,002 x9.570 Contemplates World Domination as one's own true position

41. 20,006 x4.2 Oh grow up there can be no Free Issuance

42. 68,008 x1.18 I'll get the USC to hurt itself with this Scheme

48. 118,026 x5.2 Obstruct USC people from getting medical help

51. 16,088 x2.7 How to oust Lexington from his abode

64. 17,357 x5.23 How to unsave Daniel and George's money

71. 17,022 x9.1 I think I'll do my part to delay Lexington's rescue so maybe we can harm him

88. 103,283 x9.4 I'm going to put these economists aside

92. 106,233 x5 IMF asks a formatory question to dismiss USC space fleet or its members

137. 20,006 x4.2 Not trying to stop Daniel from getting killed

Anyone who could and does knowingly take control of a persons assemblage point to make them punishable may get punished herself.

Any enemy-toward-USC who gives one or more Trojan-Horse-type gifts to any ship or its captain I blow to atoms, and the fraud and trickery is revealed to the recipient of the aforementioned trick "gift".

Anyone recollecting the pieces of any enemy-toward-USC with intent to restore them to fight against me again, I drop into oblivion and blow them to atoms and send their subatomic particles far far away


If they did not deserve such a dire punishment, we rescue all their atoms and subatomic particles from whatever reaches they may have gone to.