I sick all the sea monsters and Sea Monsters of the NBC punks on their mothers, all except those already in Oblivion, which I sick on the NBC punks already down there. After they are done killing the families of the NBC punks, the sea monsters and the Sea Monsters, all of them, with no exception, fly to pieces, electrons dissolving into the spaces between the stars, into old nebulae, the hotter the better, and dust. Any mother of an NBC punk who swears complete allegiance to the USC and finks out every IMF, Helkatrov, his-monster-stringpuller-computer-you know-who, and whatever else, then the mother can go free, but the NBC punks do get eaten. Tell the USC Marshalls office.

I deplete sea monsters of iridium and Sea Monsters of Uranium it goes into deposits of like materials except that it cannot go to disrupt mass measuring instruments or calibration equipment.