The sister of the sea snail family who wanted everything from everybody I punish with exposure and embarassment. Nothing she puts on me has any power or value. All dark or light powers refuse to work for them and laugh off the very suggestion that they should give anything voluntarily to the female mandrake of the self amusing dominator sort.

She cannot help but give away all their sources of power, not-power, etc., and USC seizes them which we can use. Their hijacked types computer (which is not theirs by anything but bad magic) we supercede and none of its edicts have to be obeyed by any material beings no matter what it asks.

None of the Masterbandio beings killed by Zosquintelvio can be brought back by the doings of the IMF.

Every mirror being (one that is made to reflect wrong information) I smash his face. Everything they send at the USC may end up clogging their own works, and as they fall to pieces, everything they took from me and my USC friends is returned.

The very fact that they took it upon themselves to imitate USC Principals makes them readily fall into the hands of the USC Principal.

The fact that she sought to rekindle her kingdom is every reason to burn her away.

We are not to be imbued with Not-Freedom