Artemis, also called James, Jacques, Harmonyben, Johnqpublic, Getthegongdong, Moronwithaplantokickmyass, Bonerwithahardonattachedtoblowyourdickoff

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type EXPRESSOR


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Self Realizing
1. Self Amusing
1. Dramatic

2. Self Esteeming

3. Technicognative
3. Obnoxious Genius

5. Charm
5. Incremental
5. Reward or Punishment


A strong hard guy, says nothing (then laughs {not-inwardly} at your akwardness). Hides well in the dark; you might miss him; but he won't miss Adolphus Po. Albrect Durer fought for the USC during the war in the spirit dimensions, and ordered me to post his photo upside down because that gave him power over the enemy.